I provide professional editing services for the following genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Sci-fi
  • Historical
  • Psychological Thrillers
  • Short Stories
  • Action/Adventure
  • Mysteries
  • Dystopian
  • Thrillers
  • Biographies / Life Stories
  • Non-fiction (real and researched, verifiable facts or information, no opinion-based NF)

To be accepted for editing services, I require a three to five page sample of the work in progress. Message me on Facebook and I’ll take the sample as soon as we are face to face if I am available for a new job. I will need three days to read it. If it is ready for further review, I will contact you and arrange for a larger sample. After an initial read-through and a final determination that your work is ready for a professional edit, we will negotiate terms and desired turn around time. For a novel, expect up to three months. 

To aid your writing process and avoid extra costs for problems:

  • Read many more words than you write.
  • Know your basics – spelling, grammar, verb tenses, clean phrasing…
  • Avoid overuse of adverbs. Describe details to evoke feeling.
  • Avoid passive voice (use as support only). Avoid PVDA (Talk to me about this!)
  • Do two drafts, minimum. Read each as if you don’t know it. Strike at both with a critical eye.
  • Read books on the craft. It is a craft which must be learned. It is also an art form we may celebrate.
  • Don’t hurry through your second draft.
  • If you ask friends to read your work, expect praise or criticism. They are not objective. Your editor is.
  • Again: Read many more words than you write.

When I return your work to you, we will discuss it. All final decisions will belong to the author.

  • My goal as an editor is to help you craft your very best work.
  • My other goal is to help you be a better writer.

Rates:  Services and rates vary by piece.

  • $3.00 / page or per 350 words for Novel length. (69,000+)

Short stories:

  • 3000 words or below: $45.00 flat rate.
  • 3001-7500 words: $55.00 flat rate.
  • 7501 – 24,999 words: $35 per 3000 words – $75.00 base fee.
  • Novellas / Novelettes: $3.25 per page or per 350 words. (25,000 – 69,000)

All editing services include a thorough proofread, as well as a complete review for (as applicable):

  • Point of View
  • Character Development
  • Spelling, Grammar, Word Use
  • Phrasing & Voice
  • Time-line (continuity)
  • Story Flow
  • Consistency

If you are seeking editing services, contact me:

On Facebook: Message me at: https://www.facebook.com/david.cleinman

Or you may e-mail me at (just click): About Your Editing Services

Why work with me? Because I want to work with you if you are willing to improve and have basic, sound skills. I am objective and not even remotely interested in comparing works. Each tale is unique and I work with the author to make theirs better. My editing services are based on open communication between the author and myself.