The cover art for The Vengeance Factor

A Song For Lost Dragons 

(YA fantasy series)

Book 1:  The Vengeance Factor

When Dash Miller’s new bedroom comes alive a magic  door allows minuscule dragons to appear and take him to their world. A light-hearted romp immediately turns serious however, when Dash and his cousins discover a dragon land tipping towards war. Most dragons are not tiny. They’re huge, lethal and often very angry. Queen Lydia recruits Dash to help her stop dragons from advancing war against humans. But with Earth now involved, a tide of darkness grows until it threatens both worlds. Dash and Lydia wonder if they can do anything to turn the tides of hate before enemies band together and enslave them.


Epic Adventure: Principle Destiny

Set in a small kingdom at a turn of the century time, PD follows the struggles of banished Princess Alyssa, as she fights to regain her position as heiress to the crown. Fighting her own father's tyranny, and his captain of the guard, Alyssa's singular goal is to gain the kingship and end the fascism. To do this, she must race her own brother for over a thousand miles on foot.  

She will win, if she can just stay alive.


    Psychological Thriller: Toys In The Attic

After several years of emotional and physical abuse, Sara Stewart's youth is shattered at just 17, when she is brutally attacked by her father. A tough farm girl, she fights back and forces herself to survive. She is badly injured, however and emotionally devastated. Soon after, she discovers her sanity is in the balance and her fight is not over. She  throws herself into building a successful business, but to have a life she has to learn to cope with horrific and constant memories. She must learn to love herself again, and her unwanted son. Then there is this gentleman she meets... Can Sara avoid a twisted repeat of a horrible past? Find out now! Click Here or anywhere on the cover image.




 Non-Fiction: The Article Marketer's Guide - coming soon

Coming soon:
Shorts:  MindEater  -  Clever Katie & Her Friend John  -  Homunculus