The Vengeance Factor Rising

Oh verily, Frenin y Draig, eat me not, I beg of thee!

Oh verily, Frenin y Draig, eat me not, I beg of thee!


The Vengeance Factor!

Launch Day is officially 6/17, but the book is live early! Climbing the ranks at the moment, TVF is a story for all ages, with a hero at 14 and his consort, a 5000 year old dragon who enjoys being a teenage girl at times.

Great praise for The Vengeance Factor:

There is humour, a little bit of romance, but mostly adventure, where a 14 year old is the hero. It flows easily and the pace keeps you reading. I love the fact that you can put a dragon in your pocket… – Gill Trewick on Amazon

There was also plenty of excitement to keep things interesting, not to mention a hint of romance! The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger, so I can’t wait to read the sequel! – John Pepper on Amazon

Source: The Vengeance Factor: A Song For Lost Dragons Book 1 eBook: Dave Cleinman: Kindle Store

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