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Farewell to the insanity of USA Politics!

David A. Cleinman

The author…in those heavenly days before the 2016 election cycle!

As a concerned citizen of the USA, I have been politically active for a long time. With the rise of blatant racism in our political process, however, I can no longer participate in the diatribe. Rational arguments based on fact and verifiable data are ignored by too many people and the resulting nastiness in defense of unfounded opinions or blatant untruths is unpalatable. To rescue my own mind and heart, and possibly soul, I am divesting from politics and will do my activism in the best way I know, through my writing.

When I was in kindergarten, way back in 1970, we had a class-up day, where we visited the next grade and were hosted by an upperclassman (a 1st grader). My host and one of my first real friends was a black kid who had a great sense of humor and was so much fun. All I remember is sitting in the same desk with him and laughing a lot. He moved away not long after that and never returned for second grade. As sometimes happens with young friends, I forgot his name. But I will always remember him with love.

I grew up in such a small community in upstate New York and there were very few black residents. I was friends with all of them. In college I had friends who were of every faith, every skin type, and of both sexes. I have never really understood racism, beyond its fear-factor, and I want no part of it, nor the recent justifications for violence (rationalizations is the better term) that have been uttered.

Hatred is a crutch, just like a drug, but it is more addictive and harder to quit. USA politics has seen billions of free advertising go to the most racist and hateful candidate, while kinder and wiser candidates are largely ignored. One party is comfortable with any level of dishonesty as long as they think it serves a purpose. The other uses silence and inaction as means of forward progress. (Snark).

I refuse to be involved in the ridiculous pandering of the democrats or the obstruction and dishonesty of the republicans. I have had enough of both. If you believe in your positions you should be able to sell them without lying. Equally, you should have the courage to advance them with authority. The inability of either side to do these things is why people are losing faith in the process and why I can no longer support the divisive and dishonest nature of current US politics. It’s like watching playground bullies and whiners fight over a candy bar, while their school and friends burn behind them.

I wish both sides good fortune. The right has work to do to fix their wayward and dishonest stances and the left needs to get a grip on their inability to stand up and fight for what is right and DO it, rather than just talking about it. Big money in politics means politicians don’t work for us. Want real change? See who rejects this and fight for them and us.

Freed from the burden of trying to correct perspectives based on facts and information, verifiable through multiple sources, our media has learned to latch onto the most lucrative news stories, even if they are childish and inane. Profit has become the guiding force behind the mainstream US media, not the education of the viewers and the advancement of unbiased knowledge. This means most voters are not getting a complete or honest picture of current events. This and the original desires of the founders of our nation, desires for a well-educated populous who reject tyranny and embrace the gift of democracy, have been corrupted and twisted.

On my personal Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/david.cleinman  I will share good news about social progress and green energy most of the time. I will share injustices and negative happenings less often. But if something is really wrong, I will call it out.

On my Facebook Author page: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorDavidACleinman I will only share the upbeat and positive or something directly related to my writing or that of a friend’s.

So I am saying farewell to the juvenile yet deadly battlefield of USA politics. I hope, for the sake of our country and the world around us that this battlefield returns to a semblance of honesty and togetherness. The consequences of the alternative are more severe than just lost elections.

My best, David A. Cleinman


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