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About that review of TVF, The King of dragons seems thrilled!

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The new 5 star review of ASFLD

The Vengeance Factor!

The stars are not important, but the fact that this reader truly enjoyed the story is! Thank you Gill!
Review By Gill Trewick on May 22, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

– Great story!

This is the story of Dash and his bedroom mural becoming real. With a land of Dragons and their resentment at the human race. Full of magic and adventure. It seems that they have been waiting for Dash for a long time, one dragon in particular. Together they set out to save the dragons and in doing so the human race.
There is humour, a little bit of romance, but mostly adventure, where a 14 year old is the hero. It flows easily and the pace keeps you reading. I love the fact that you can put a dragon in your pocket… The story doesn’t end here, there is obviously another to follow. Lots of potential which will keep you hooked on Dash and Lydia for years to come.  I’m not sure which age group to put this in as the story seems to be for 9-14 yr olds, yet there are references to sex and hormones, so maybe I would put it a little older.

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The portrait of the author as a happy man.

Author’s response to the age query within the review: I write the books for all ages, in this case the hero is 14 so it’s technically young adult. However one classifies the story, it has been read by people of all ages and the feedback has been positive all around! Real places and real time mixed with fantasy lands and dragons add an element of mystery which carries throughout all six books. Sooner or later, whether in the book or on your wall, a magic door will open and tiny dragons will come through! This review really let me know I did write the story I intended. (May every review be so kind to me and my book!)

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