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The Vengeance Factor - Will our hero be welcomed or eaten?

Oh verily, Frenin y Draig, eat me not, I beg of thee!


The Vengeance Factor!

Launch Day is officially 6/17, but the book is live early! Climbing the ranks at the moment, TVF is a story for all ages, with a hero at 14 and his consort, a 5000 year old dragon who enjoys being a teenage girl at times. A story for the ages, it will keep you engaged and wondering as the action ramps up and drags you along. Strong characters, unique settings, dragons and fire… who could ask for anything more? Well, li’l ole Krank would probably like some squashed bug as he reads, but you know little dragons. Potato chips just are no their thing!

Great praise for The Vengeance Factor:

There is humour, a little bit of romance, but mostly adventure, where a 14 year old is the hero. It flows easily and the pace keeps you reading. I love the fact that you can put a dragon in your pocket… – Gill Trewick on Amazon

There was also plenty of excitement to keep things interesting, not to mention a hint of romance! The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger, so I can’t wait to read the sequel! – John Pepper on Amazon

Source: Amazon.com: The Vengeance Factor: A Song For Lost Dragons Book 1 eBook: Dave Cleinman: Kindle Store

Be sure to check out my other books on Amazon. The Vengeance Factor is only book 1 of the series:  A Song for Lost Dragons. Book 2: Two Steps Back will be released in August. In addition to TVF, Principle Destiny and Toys In The Attic are also my books, although they are geared a bit more towards adults. You can click the links to go to the book sites on Amazon, or read more by clicking the My Books link above. I will provide a free copy of any of my books to anyone who wishes to write a review. Just message me on Facebook.

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