Dave smiles? A miracle.

The author smiles. He even sat for the camera!

Hello World of Writing. This includes readers, naturally.

World of Writing … I’ll bet you thought WOW referenced World of Warcraft! It does to many, but to be fair, WOW would not have come into being without the writing behind it, the code which runs it, the signs and dialogue within it, and the copy used to promote it! They are the beginnings of any game, a story told for fun and adventure, with controllable live action . As kids, my friends and I used to play all sorts of games by reading books… then came Atari. Books never have gone away, though, because stories keep being told and readers continue to read and share. While I was mastering Yar’s Revenge, I was also reading LOTR and Stephen R. Donaldson’s Thomas Covenant series. I had found Bink in Xanth and was with Ged when he embraced his dark side.

I am of the opinion that few things have moved humanity more than the written word and almost nothing has endured longer over time. Spoken languages fade on the ear, even when written into text. Poor Latin…the source of many languages, but as with our own passed parents, gone from daily life. Besides spawning languages and their writings, Latin survives in texts of its own, as do old Hebrew, Arabic, Germanic and nomadic languages, to name just a few. English is descended mostly from Germanic roots, for example. Words unite us in amazing ways and the relaunch of my blog gives me the opportunity to celebrate this with others.

Readers have shared words with others since they were written. When I began my journey as a writer, some time around the age of six, I had already read many more books than I will ever write. Reading made me a writer. If, like me, you are a voracious reader, we have a special spot for you called the Reader’s Corner. Here a dialogue may be established concerning popular books, Indie and/or traditionally published. New releases or ancient fiction and anything in between may be hashed out and dissected. Reviews will show up here and so will occasional promos. I do enjoy promoting other authors and I feel I can do it best through good content.

Writers are welcome to offer guest posts, but advertising is not allowed except by my personal approval. So, if you write a guest post, make it about good content and not about your work(s). The same is true of a reader guest post. I understand your friend just wrote an incredible work of historical fiction, or your mom knows more about kumquats and key limes than anyone. Advertising their work in the guise of a guest post just will not fly.

What do we want to know about? Any literature you like and find entertaining, stirring, striking, thrilling, or scary. Like funny? Like romance? Like adventure, sci fi, fantasy? We are wide open and want people to share.

Some important things to note:

  1. This is a family friendly website. Only clean and friendly content will be accepted for posts, reviews, or commentary.
  2. Opinion is fine, but do not let it overwhelm facts. Research all claims.
  3. Guest posts should be fair and honest. Think win-win. Teaching is good. Very good.
  4. Guest posts should be engaging and fun to read! Your heart should be in it. If it’s not, you may be writing simply for the sake of exposure and promotion. Don’t do it. If your heart is not in your guest post, readers will never believe it is in your regular writing!
  5. A single link to your book, blog, web page, or author site is acceptable at the end of the article/post you submit. Images may also be linked as you see fit. In-line links may be used if unobtrusive, one time.A  Links in header text is acceptable in the same vein.
  6. Trends are fun to read about. Predicting the future is also fun. We welcome this kind of speculation and dialogue. As always, speculation should not ignore established fact. Research all claims.
  7. Think Win-Win. Your post could make or break someone’s day. Commentary and reviews should be honest, even if they might hurt for a while. Writing improves with learning.
  8. We are especially interested in posts about social network etiquette. How to promote without spamming groups. How to run and participate in a group. Where to find resources…etc.

We look forward to your posts, comments, ideas and notions. Happy blogging! At present my main site is up and mostly complete: http://www.davidcleinman.com

I reference we, because I always have help. Sometimes it’s we, and sometimes just me.

All my best,  Dave Cleinman

To send me live feedback on this page, request a shot at a guest post, or to suggest a category or feature, leave a comment. Thanks – DAC!