crossbow1The crossbow is cocked and ready to shoot. A good book is the same way, really. Even is it is not a thriller or action packed, a book gets into our soul and changes us in some pretty profound ways. Voracious readers, of whom I consider myself a member, usually seek the new, the unusual, the cutting edge, until we want some familiarity. Then we might go back to an old staple, or read a new book by an author we have read for years. No matter how and what we read, a book is always loaded with new promise and ready to shoot when we turn the cover and begin to read.

Readers Corner will focus on reviews, discussions about books new and old, recommendations for reading and getting the most out of a book – as well as types of genres and what readers consider to be great choices. This is the singular section of the blog where the only rules for a post are:

  1. No cloaked or obvious ads.
  2. No personal plugs for friends.

When you place submit a guest post for this page, no matter if  a review, a commentary on a book, a reflection on content, or a critique, please follow the rules for guest posts on the About Me & You page.