BOTD cover

Andy Peloquin’s

Blade of The Destroyer

The Last Bucelarii  Book I

Read and reviewed May 2016 by Dave Cleinman

Enter the anti-hero, a man who seems evil in every way, or does he? A search for his true identity strives with his own apathy to find balance. Then there’s his occupation…

Andy Peloquin’s Blade of The Destroyer made me feel as though a subtle mystery was just rolling along with the story, waiting to be unraveled. Not just the major one, but several all at once. A classic hero – not a chance. A common setting? Yes and no. Characters we all recognize? Yes and no. More important than any of this to my mind as reader and writer? Subtlety and a creative weave of: What the hell? And hell yeah!

A first novel means there are some beginner writer flaws. Big deal. Great action and full descriptions are skills which show a writer’s true gift, and I have to say: What a first novel.

The settings are as varied as the people, and character roles are handled well, with uniqueness where expected. The actual locales are reminiscent of both the dark ages and some post-boom dystopian future. The contrast between the high and low in this novel’s society is extreme and adds a bit of an expectation for some kind of reckoning.

The main character is a real study in contrast and I loved the what-the-heck? aspect of his behavior. Mysteries pile up and beg to be solved, but I was in no hurry for it to happen.

Not for the weak-kneed, this is a dark fantasy and proud to call itself so. I truly enjoyed this novel and I wonder what Andy Peloquin has up his sleeve for next time.

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– Dave Cleinman

Author, Reader, Blogger